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Our Menu

Breakfast Burritos $48/12 Bowl $60/12

Egg, potato, Chorizo, Cheese, Green Chile w/Spicy Sour cream on side

Black or Red Beans $30

Slow cooked latin style Beans (V,GF)

Congri $40

Latin Rice & Black Beans (Vegan,GF)

Arroz con Gandules $40

Sofrito Latin Rice, PigeonPeas (GF)

White Rice $30

Jasmine Rice (VeGan,GF)​

Casita Salad $40

Mixed Greens/Cucumber/Cherry Tomato/Red Onion/Spiced Nuts w/ Poppyseed Dressing (Vegan,GF)

Lechon Asado $80

Cuban Style Slow Roasted Pork (GF)

Mojito Chicken $70

Grilled Chicken Breast in Mojo Sauce (GF)

Walnut Chorizo $50

Blended Spiced Walnuts (Vegan,GF)

Street Taco Bar (Full Service only) $350

Full service Street Taco Bar (Serves 100 tacos, includes Plates & Napkins, On Site Preparation)

Tembleque $30

A dozen Individual Coconut Milk pudding (Vegan,GF)

**All portions serve approximately 12-15ppl

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